A & D
"...Megan started saxophone lessons with you.  There must have been so many squeaky and squawky sounds at first, but her passion and your skills took Megan along the road of progress and skills developed.  It has also given her several life skills. ... Thank you for the vital role you have played in Megan's musical and personal development."
E, L and K
This Year has been so incredibly great.  Thanks for the Sax & Piano.  You're a Star.
Thank you for being the best music teacher ever!  I'm really sorry to leave and will remember orchestra for ever.  ... I'll never forget you, even when I'm 100!    
Thank you! for running orchestra; it has been great fun!  The flute lessons have been really enjoyable too!  Thank you so much for the great beginning - for me - in flute.
S & M B
...'There has never been a time when he has not enjoyed his lessons, and many a time we have seen his excitement.  If he was ever in a low mood going to either lessons or music school, we knew that would all change on his return.  Thank you for the 8+ years."